Looking after nanna

A Guide on Retirement Villages

Seniors often have a hard time deciding where to spend their retirement years. This article provides a few tips for seniors that would want to live in a retirement village.  What is a retirement village?  Retirement villages are housing complexes designed to accommodate seniors. Although they encourage independent retirement living, residents share common facilities such as recreational grounds. Members pay a small fee to enjoy the various services and facilities offered in the retirement village. Read More 

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Looking after nanna

When nanna started getting forgetful we all thought it was cute. But when she started leaving pots to boil dry on the stove and losing the car in the carpark when she went shopping it wasn't cute anymore. Sometimes loving someone means looking after them and we started looking for a facility that could really look after her. We found an awesome facility where the people really care for nanna. These days we know she is safe, and she seems a lot more comfortable and relaxed. Now when we see her we have a great time chatting and sharing memories.

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