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Aged Care Insights

Most people enjoy providing aged care to their loved ones. Nevertheless, you must be cautious when offering aged care. Below is an article with some aged care tips. 

Understand Your Loved One's Needs 

An oversight made by most family members is assuming their loved one's needs. However, this approach is not viable since your loved one could have varying health and personal needs. As a rule, you should consult professionals and discuss with your loved one to establish how best to provide in-home care. For instance, doctors can give insights into how you can manage aged conditions such as Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer at home. The doctor can also help you identify the symptoms of deteriorating health. This way, you can seek timely medical assistance. 

Ask your loved one about their needs. For example, how would they like to spend their weekends? What meals do they enjoy? What kind of help do they need around the home? Although you will be providing aged care, you should let your loved one enjoy their independence. For example, you could install a disability-friendly washroom to ensure they have an easy time conducting personal grooming. You could also lower shelves around the house to ensure easy access. 

Know When To Take Your Loved One To A Specialised Facility 

Sometimes, family members lack the skill, resources and time needed to provide 24/7 caregiving services to their loved ones. For example, if your loved one's health deteriorates, you could lack the expertise to offer medical assistance at home. Consider specialised facilities if you can no longer offer the required care. You have several options to choose from. For instance, you could opt for respite care when you need short-term professional care. It is a viable option when your loved one is recovering from a medical procedure or when you need a break from caregiving tasks. 

You could also take your loved one to an assisted living facility. These facilities offer medical and non-medical assistance to their residents. However, these facilities encourage the residents to enjoy their independence. For instance, they can live in their own apartments or share accommodation with their friends. You could also opt to take your loved one to a nursing home. The facility offers 24/7 medical assistance to your loved one. When choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility, conduct due diligence to determine whether the facility is the right match. For example, check the experience of caregivers and the services offered at the facility. You should also ensure the services offered are within your budget.  

For more info about aged care, contact a local company. 

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Looking after nanna

When nanna started getting forgetful we all thought it was cute. But when she started leaving pots to boil dry on the stove and losing the car in the carpark when she went shopping it wasn't cute anymore. Sometimes loving someone means looking after them and we started looking for a facility that could really look after her. We found an awesome facility where the people really care for nanna. These days we know she is safe, and she seems a lot more comfortable and relaxed. Now when we see her we have a great time chatting and sharing memories.

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